Adams Flea & Tick Spot On®

  • Comes with award-winning Smart Shield® Applicator that puts the liquid on
    your dog—not your hands
  • Contains the Infest Stop ingredient that kills flea eggs and larvae
  • Kills and repels mosquitoes
  • Helps prevent infestation

Killing Fleas: Smart. Killing Fleas AND Flea Eggs: Smarter.

Whitening Just Got Smarter

Introducing Clorox Smart Seek Bleach. Now you can wash your whites and
whites with a little bit of color together in the same load. Genius, right?

Back-to-School, Back-to-Your Routine

New season, new schedule, new routine— it’s time to get back into the swing
of things! Make sure to add Cottonelle® to your back-to-school shopping list.
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75 Years of Saving

GEICO has been saving people money on car insurance for more than 75 years,
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The Home-brewed Taste of Gold Peak

Maybe it’s the high quality tea. Maybe it’s the pure filtered water. Maybe it’s
the right balance of sweetness. Whatever it is, Gold Peak is the taste that
brings you home.

Osteo Bi-Flex Packaging and Logo

Hartz® UltraGuard Pro® Improved Flea & Tick

Better – Effectively Kills, Fleas, Flea Eggs, Ticks and prevents re-infestation
Faster – Starts Killing Fleas Within 15 Minutes

Visit us at for more information!

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