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10 Signs It’s Time for Date Night

Think it’s been a while since you spent some quality time together? Here are 10 signs it may be time for date night.

  1. Every movie you own has a wizard or a princess in it.
  2. You have the same “bedtime” as when you were six years old—but now you like it.
  3. You floss in front of each other.
  4. The neighbors drop their kids off at your house when they go out.
  5. It takes a power outage for you to have dinner by candlelight.
  6. “Dressing up” on the weekend means anything not-yoga pants.
  7. When your husband says, “Let’s go out!” he’s talking to the dog.
  8. You only keep red lipstick in the house for the kids’ school-play costumes.
  9. You can’t remember the last dessert you ate without colored sprinkles.
  10. You’ve been nodding since you started reading this list.
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